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Medic Rules Empty Medic Rules

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:32 pm
"Medic Rules"
Medics are only to use designated ambulances while on duty. Medics can not revive players if an armed man is threatening to shoot if they do revive the down player.
Medics are not above the law, they must follow all laws as a citizen would and they can get pulled over and arrested.
​You can not revive a player if they did not request, doing this will result in demotion.
Medics can not revive players in active firefight, but they can revive police officers if ordered by an officer.
If a officer tells you to revive a downed suspect you can not unless the player requested a medic.
You can not hit players with your vehicle to revive them and get money.
Medics can not have any weapons on them at any time.
Medics are required to be in the Discord/Teamspeak when on duty.
Medics can not "partner" with civs or rebels as their personal doctor.
Medics can not be held captive or hostage as they pose no threat.
Medics are not permitted in pd unless they are requested to go there.
Medics can not enter federal reserve during active event. They can only enter after fed is done.
Medics failing to comply with rules will be suspended pending further action.
Medics knowingly taking part in illegal activity will face prosecution.
Medics may not participate in police activity. Medics are not cops - period.
Medics may not pick up or otherwise steal civilian money from injured individuals. This rule is only waived if the patient is dead on arrival and money is left behind.
Medics are not to demand payment for any services, but may accept donations if offered.
Medics are to use sirens only during initial response and emergency transport stages.
Medics are to use emergency warning lights during initial response, while on scene, and during an emergency transport.
Medics are to maintain safe driving speeds during response. Incidents occurring as a result of recklessness may require monetary compensation by the offending party.
Medic helicopters are subject to the same flight restrictions as civilian helicopters. Some regulations may be waived, such as landing in non-designated areas and general flight level restrictions, during emergency events.
Medic helicopters are to be used only in the event of long distance response outside of the immediate service area and areas reasonably reachable by ground vehicles.
Medic helicopters may not be used to transport law enforcement personnel for the sole purpose of personnel transport for covert law enforcement operations.
Medics may at their own discretion continue treat a downed individual even if, by threat of force, they are being told not to by a separate individual. You’ll probably be shot though.
Medics are required to ensure treated individuals are not left stranded after treatment. If an individual requests to be transported, they must be transported to a designated hospital prior to releasing them from care. You may not transport to any other locations.
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