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Trial Staff
Trial Staff
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Rawr Staff Application

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:10 pm
Rawr Staff Application bounce

In game name: Rawr

Steam UID 76561198334950297

Email: ChronicleSYN@

How often do you play? 3-14 Hours on weekdays on weekends 17 hours

How many hours do you have in this server? None yet

What is your age and date of birth? 13, August 13th 2004

Did you read all the server rules? yes

Why do you want to be staff on our server? (Min 50 words) I feel that Golden Life Project's Server Needs More staff to enforce Hackers, Cheaters, etc. This is why I Want to be a staff member on Golden Life Project for Arma 3. As well as helping the civilians in Golden Life Project with Server Glitches and Loss of money and things like that.

How could you help our server? (Min 75 words) I Could help on Golden Life project by Enforcing Rules to the Civilians and Cheaters/hackers Also helping with Developing/Coding Because I'm a coder my self I've coded cheats and I know how to add bypasses for cheats and things of that sort. I Could also help with Managing Teamspeak and Discord Servers for The Golden Life Project. This is how I believe I can Help out on The Golden Life Project Server Thanks for Reading My Application.

Have you been staff on another server and if so what server? Ive never been an admin on an Arma 3 Server But I would like to become an Admin.

What would you do if someone came to you and said they just got RDMed 3 times and lost $1,500,000? (Min 50 words) .I would ask them for proof that they got RDM'D 3 Times Such as a recording then If they did get RDM'D then I Would give them the 1.5 Mil Back but if they were lying and Find out then I will warn them to not lie to staff Thanks for reading My Application

Do you understand that if you lie on your application / Interview or do not meet the minimum requirements, it will be instantly denied. Yes

Do you promice that all information submitted is true to the best of your knowledge? Yes
Paul Mahone
Head Developer
Head Developer
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Re: Rawr Staff Application

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:19 pm
Your interview will be in like a couple of hours. Make sure you can be on and if not let a staff member know. Just join the TS and join the waiting for interview room.
Josh Duper
Staff Manager
Staff Manager
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Re: Rawr Staff Application

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:08 pm
Application Status:


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Re: Rawr Staff Application

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