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Civilian Rules Empty Civilian Rules

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:51 pm
"Core Community Standards"
You will be immediately banned if you break one of this:
1. Discrimination based on  race, color, creed, gender, age, national origin, or disabilities is absolutely not tolerated.
2. Threats – Any threat to any person or the community will not be tolerated and a permanent ban will be issued.
3. Server Disruption – Any attempts to disrupt the server via any means will not be tolerated. All evidence will be forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agency for prosecution of the offenders and you will receive a permanent ban. This includes DDOSing the server or hacking it in any way.
4. Trolling – Any individual who habitually disrupts the community (trolling) will be banned. Every action a player takes on the server must have an RP basis. Examples include, but are not limited to: Running around the police/medics/anyone after being asked to stop, interrupting RP with no RP basis, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, playing music in any chat or on teamspeak, bombarding the messaging system, buying multiple vehicles to block spawn areas or using them to blow things up, jumping off buildings without RP, spamming the vote admin or vote kick system, talking/playing music in the lobby screen, playing soundboards/voice changers in game and open TS channels, sling loading vehicles wrongfully.
5. Staff Disrespect – Being disrespectful to an admin, no matter how much you disagree with their decision, is not permitted. Staff members are volunteers and they are here to help you. Please be nice to all of them.

"Civilian Illegal Gear"
If you are using any illegal gear you are to be conducted to a full search unless an exception is stated in the rule book. This includes you and the vehicle that you are using.
- Any weapons with a caliber that is 5.56 and higher will be considered illegal weapons.
MX Series (6.5)
TRG Series (5.56)
Katiba Series (6.5)

- Any silenced weapons must be seized. A search may not be conducted.
​- Any vests with protection of Level IV and higher must be seized and a search may be conducted.
- Any drugs found on a person or in it's vehicle.

"Civilian Illegal Vehicles"
- Any Ifrit series.
- Any Strider series.
- Any Hunter series.
- Any Armed Vehicle (Police officers may utilized armed vehicles if one is found).
- Any stolen Police / EMS vehicle.

"Civilian Illegal Areas"
​1. Gang areas are considered illegal. Thus a cop may not enter without a raid, but may restrain or stop anyone inside with probable cause/illegal activity. (Talking to the gang NPC is NOT probable cause/illegal activity.).
2. Drug Fields / Drug Processings and Drug Traders are considered illegal.
3. Being inside a Police Department without authorization is considered illegal.
4. Chop Shop is considered illegal.
5. Being in the Malden Correctional Facility without authorization is considered an illegal area.

These are considered exploits, and you will not be kicked, but banned.
1. Getting out of jail via any method other than paying bail or escaping via helicopter.
2. Killing yourself to get out of roleplay. Getting out of being tazed, restrained, arrested, jail, etc. If the log shows you got arrested, then you died, you will be banned. Do not pay bail and kill yourself for an easy ride home. Walk you lazy turd.
3. Duping items and/or money. If someone sends you an unobtainable amount of money right at the start of the game, report to an admin IMMEDIATELY and transfer said money to an admin. Do this ASAP or an admin could ban you if they see that much on you without question.
4. Using clearly hacked items. If a hacker comes in and spawns unobtainable items, you could be banned for using said items. Report the items to the admins immediately and stay away from them.
5. Abusing bugs or game mechanics for gain. Is there a replicating gun somewhere? Report it and leave it alone. If an admin catches you abusing the glitch, ban.
6. Bombing (intentionally making a vehicle explode with some Arma 3 glitch) is absolutely against the rules.

"Safe Zones"
If bombing (bombing can be intentionally exploding a vehicle), robbing, or killing occurs around these or in these areas it is punishable by ban.
Any civilian square
All Police HQs and training zone
All Army HQs
Rebel Outposts
5m within all shops and atms
You are not allowed to camp any Safe Zones.
While in a combat/RP situation (Cop pursuits, Federal Reserve Robbery, etc) you wont be able to get into the Safe Zone in order to avoid the RP scenario.

"Bannable Offenses"
Consider this your one and only warning.
1. Hacking
2. Cheating
3. Exploiting (See 'Exploits')
4. Being kicked 5 or more times.
5. Intentionally being a disruption to role play
​6. Advertising other servers (We will talk to the server you are advertising and see you are punished there too).
7. Any other bans may be issued with a Senior Admin+ Discretion.

"Cop Interaction"
Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Civilians can be arrested for looking in cops' backpacks/vehicles. Constantly doing this will result in your removal from the server.
2. Civilians can be arrested for following cops in game in order to give away their position.
3. Civilians or Rebels who take up arms to kill cops in town or elsewhere for no RP reason will be considered RDMing. See RDMing section.
4. Following and or harassing cops for long periods of time will be considered griefing and/or spamming, and will result in your removal from the server.
5. Actively blocking cops from doing their duties can lead to your arrest. Constantly doing this will result in your removal from the server.


Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Repeatedly pushing boats without permission.
2. Pushing a boat with the intention of hurting or killing someone. This is not RP, it is just a flaw in the mechanics.
3. Purposefully running over swimmers/divers.

Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Purposefully ramming a helicopter into anything. Other helicopters, vehicles, buildings.
2. Flying below 150m over the city constantly. Once is illegal, more than that you risk crashing into the city, thus against server rules.
3. Stealing helicopters without proper warning and significant time for the driver to lock the vehicle. If they land and run away without locking, fine, if they just get out and you get in before they get a chance to lock it you will be kicked and removed from the gear you are carrying.

​Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Purposefully running people over (VDM). There are accidents, and then there is going out of your way to run someone over.
2. Purposefully throwing yourself in front of vehicles in order to die/get hurt.
3. Ramming into other vehicles in order to cause an explosion.
4. Constantly trying to enter vehicles that do not belong to you in order to grief the vehicle owner, and not trying to RP.
5. Stealing a vehicle just to crash it or otherwise destroy it.
6. Purchasing multiple vehicles for the purpose of doing any of the above.
7. The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it and/or fire warning shots in a role-play scenario.You are not to deliberately destroy enemies vehicles.

"Communication Rules"

​Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Side Chat may not be used to play music and don't spam.
2. Side Chat may not be used for any RP purposes.
3. Spamming any chat channel will result in your removal.
4. Discord channels are split up into areas for a reason. Cops must be in the cop channels at all times.
5. Civilians cannot be in any cop channels on teamspeak in order to gather information on their location or movements. Civs caught doing this will be removed the channel. Repeat offenders can be kicked or banned from both the game and Discord.

​"Random Deathmatching (RDM)"
​Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. Killing anyone without a roleplay cause.
2. Declaring a rebellion is not a cause to kill anyone, even cops.
3. Cops and civilians/rebels can only commence in a shootout if there are reasons relating to a crime.
4. If you are killed in the crossfire of a fight, it is not RDM.
5. Killing someone in an attempt to protect yourself or others is not RDMing.
6. Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow demands is considered RDM.
These are all judged by admins on a case by case basis.

"New Life Rule"
​The New Life Rule applies to police and civilians.
Items on this list may result in your removal from the server and/or ban, based on the admins discretion.
1. If you die during roleplay your past crimes are forgotten, but you also cannot seek revenge.
2. If you are RDM'd, it is not a new life.
3. If you manually respawn, it is not a new life.
4. If you purposefully kill yourself to avoid roleplay, it is not a new life. You may be punished depending on the situation.
5. If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death.
6. You must stay 1KM away from your death location.
7. You cannot remember any previous roleplay situations.
8. You cannot remember any of your enemies or random players.
9. However you can remember friends.

"Federal Reserves"

1. There must be a minimum of 5 officers online in order to commit a Federal Reserve robbery.
2. There is a 30 minute cool down period between Federal Reserve robberies.
3. You are not allowed to shoot from inside to outside the RDM zone nor to shoot from outside to inside.

"Combat Situations"
Combat Logging
1. Disconnecting at any point of RP is counted as combat logging.
2. Disconnecting when you die is counted as combat logging. (If you died in an accident or because of a glitch you wont be punished).
Combat Storing
1. Storing a vehicle whilst you are being chased, in combat, or to prevent roleplay is counted as combat storing.
2. Storing an illegal vehicle while the police are walking up to you in order to crush is would fall onto this rule.

1. In order to initiate with someone there must be some sort of verbal communication or there must be initiation through text message.
​2. If you do not declarate on someone and you kill them it will be considered as RDM and you may be punished depending on the admin´s discretion.
3. For verbal initiation you must be less than 25m from the player so they can hear you clearly. Otherwise it will not be considered initiation.
4. You must give at least 7 seconds in order for the player to comply in what you are asking him to do. If the player refuses to comply after the 7 second limit then you may engage as you feel necessary.
5. If you are initiating a vehicle you must initiate in them when they are less than 1km away from you.
6. After you collide into someone with your vehicle in purpose it will be counted as initiation.
​​7. In order to declarate you must be armed.
8. In order to declarate through phone messaging you must be within 1.5KM from target.

"Gang Initiation"

1. If a player inside your gang is being shot at or engaged by the police you must be 500m inside a main city and 1,500m outside a city in order to be initiated with them.
2. In order to be gang initiated you must be in the same gang and wear the same uniform, the only variable is the headgear.
3. You are not to initiate snipers or people outside the city. You cannot tell them if they don't do X they will get shot by the sniper. This can only be applied in a hostage situation.
4. Police officers dont have to follow this section. Once you initiate with one of them you are initiated with the whole island.

1. You may not keep a hostage for longer than 15 minutes.
2. EMS may not be taken hostage.
3. Hostage may not be killed if he is complying. The only time you can kill a hostage is if officers don't respond or they don't meet your requests.
4. The maximum money you can request variates from rank to rank.
- Civilian: 200k
- Cadet to Senior Patrol Officer: 300k
- Corporal to Sergeant: 450k
- Staff Sergeant to Lieutenant: 600k
​ - Captain to Ass. Chief: 800k
- Chief: 1000k
5. Hostages may not be taken in the airport.

"Martial Law"
1. Martial law must be authorized by a senior admin+
2. Martial law only applies on the city chosen for it.
3. Armed vehicles may be utilized for this situation at all times.
4. Civilians may be killed or tased by the police force on sight.
5. Civilians may KOS other civilians and cops.
6. Martial law must be declared by a group of people larger than 5 guys.

"Don't Be A Dick!"
​If an admin has to tell you that you are being a dick, you are doing dickish things.
Causing others grief, disrupting roleplay, the list goes on.
Just don't be a dick okay?
This rule may be invoked at an admin's discretion.

"Meta Gaming"

1. Using intelligence gained on global, command, or side chat to influence actions in game falls under this category.
2. Searching through teamspeak or discord to see what police/rebels are doing falls under this category.
3. If you are restrained and your comms were taken you must not be active on any other forms of communication other than direct chat.
4. If you are death you are not allowed to further aid the ongoing RP scenario. Stay quiet until you respawn.

"Armed Vehicles"
1. Armed vehicles may not be used against recently spawned in civilians.
2. Armed vehicles may only be used against police or against another gang.
3. When using an armed vehicle police may bring armed vehicles too.
4. If you are using an armed vehicle you are KOS for police officers.

"RDM Zones"
The following locations are RDM zones:
Federal Reserve
Specified RDM zones indicated as the red circles on the map
Gang Hideouts

​Any rules may be contradicted by staff depending on the situation. Staff's word is final unless contradicted by a higher ranking staff member.
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