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Ryan Velazquez
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Ryan Velazquez Cop Application  Empty Ryan Velazquez Cop Application

on Sat May 05, 2018 6:41 pm
In Game Name * Ryan Velazquez

Steam UID * Ryan

Age * 21

Did you read both the cop rules and the civilian rules? * Yes

Are you whitelisted for any other job? *No

About how much playtime do you have on the server? * 1-2 hours

Have you ever role-played as a cop before? * Yes I have been all the way up to Major on server called BCG and in real life, LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Why do you want to become a police officer? (Min 50 Words) *I want to become a actual cop because I am a actual cop in real life. I am apart of the LASD, Los Angeles Sheriff Department out of Palmdale Station 26. I have 1,010 hours on Arma 3 and have played as cop on may other servers. I have made it all the way up to major on BCG server. I have played in many milsim groups, 63rd Infantry Division and the 15th MEU. I feel I could help with the sheriff department in many ways. I feel that the police is the main part of every server and I feel I would be a great addition to it.

What can you bring to the police force? (Min 50 Words) * I can bring everything that I have learn in my real life job and in the academy. I respect everyone and the ranks. I could maybe help with training and how to talk to people. I am very hard working and I would like to help make this community better and maybe bring some new people to the server.

Tell us what you would do if you were driving and saw someone in a house holding people hostage? * Well first thing you would do would radio it in and wait for more units to get on scene. Also call the hostage negotiator and SEB (Special Enforcement Bureau) or swat and then set up a perimeter around the house with the patrol units.

What would you do if there was a call about a hostage situation? * Get there as fast as I could and do the exact same thing as the last question.

If you have passed the application you will be submitted to an interview regarding common sense questions and things stated in the application and rule books.
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