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Police Rules Empty Police Rules

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:24 pm
"Police Controls/Requirements"
F: Vehicle siren.
L: Speed radar (Police/FBI only and weapon is P07 Suppressed).
Left Shift + L: Activates siren lights.
Left Shift + R: Restrain (Police/FBI/Army only).
You must have at least 12 hours of playtime on the server to become police.

"General controls"
Y: Open Player Menu.
U: Lock and unlock vehicles and houses.
T: Vehicle trunk and house virtual item storage.
Left Shift + B: Surrender (hands on head).
Left Windows: Main interaction key. Used for interacting with objects like vehicles, houses, ATMs, and restrained players. Can be rebound to a single key like H by pressing ESC->Configure->Controls->Custom->Use Action 10.
Left Shift + H: Holsters the weapon in your hands.
Left Ctrl + H: Revert holster action.
Shift + Spacebar: Jump.
Left Shift + O: (un)fade sound (ear plugs).
CTRL + P: Open short range radio.
ALT + P: Open long range radio.
​Caps Lock: Talk in the radio
Teamspeak push to talk / voice detection: Talk in normal comms.

​"Crisis Negotiation"
​Crisis Negotiation must be handled by a Lieutenant. If one is not available, the person with the next highest rank must handle the situation.
Civilian Illegal Gear
If you are using any illegal gear you are to be conducted to a full search unless an exception is stated in the rule book. This includes you and the vehicle that you are using.
- Any weapons with a caliber that is 5.56 and higher will be considered illegal weapons. The Vermin .45 is also illegal.
MX Series (6.5)
TRG Series (5.56)
Katiba Series (6.5)
- Any silenced weapons must be seized. A search may not be conducted.
​- Any vests with protection of Level IV and higher must be seized and a search may be conducted.
- Any drugs found on a person or in it's vehicle.

"Civilian Illegal Vehicles"
- Any Ifrit series.
- Any Strider series.
- Any Hunter series.
- Any Armed Vehicle (Police officers may utilized armed vehicles if one is found).
- Any stolen Police / EMS vehicle.

"Civilian Illegal Areas"
​1. Gang areas are considered illegal. Thus a cop may not enter without a raid, but may restrain or stop anyone inside with probable cause/illegal activity. (Talking to the gang NPC is NOT probable cause/illegal activity.).
2. Do not enter an illegal area unless it is part of a raid. see Raiding/Camping.
3. If you chase someone into an illegal area, call for backup.
4. Under no circumstances is an officer allowed to camp any illegal area. You may conduct a raid and wait for maximum 5 of minutes if you got information of a illegal drug run being conducted.
5. If someone is found in an illegal area they are to be searched and seized from any illegal items they may carry. They can be charged for trespassing and for any previous crimes they have committed.
6. In order to conduct a drug field raid there must be a permission from a Sergeant+ to conduct a drug field raid and you must be accompanied by at least 1 Corporal+ and 3 officers.
7. Anyone found in drug fields, drug processings, or drug dealers are to be conducted for a search.

"The Federal Reserve"
​1. The Federal Reserve is illegal for civilians to enter. If civilians enter without authorization they are to be escorted off-site and immediately arrested.
2. Helicopters flying over the Federal Reserve may be asked to leave and disabled if they refuse.
3. If the Federal Reserve is getting robbed, it is encouraged that all available officers move in to stop it.
4. Nearby officers should immediately head to the Federal Reserve to assist. Petty crimes can be dropped during a robbery.
5. Lethal force on bank robbers may be used at all times. Every option to taze and arrest the person should be made first.
6. Any civilian who actively makes an attempt to block the police from entering the area may be treated as an accomplice.
7. Any civilian found in the area will be arrested and treated as guilty.
8. Cops are not allowed to camp the Gold Dealer.

1. No helicopter can land within city limits without authorization from the highest ranking officer online.
2. Helicopters may not land on roads unless an emergency situation is presented.
3. Police may temporarily forbid landing at but it cannot remain closed for a long period of time.
4. Helicopters cannot fly below 150m over the city without authorization.
5. Helicopters cannot hover over the city. Cops may only hover over the city if there is an active police operation going on.
6.- Officers are not allowed to shoot to the sky in order to neutralize a helicopter. A special team must be called in. An exception can be made if there is no special AA team available and if the helicopter has been disturbing for more than 5 minutes.

​1. Police may patrol the island's roads and towns searching for abandoned vehicles and criminal activity.
2. Patrols can be done on foot inside of a town, or in a vehicle when outside.
3. Patrols do not include illegal areas. See Raiding/Camping.
4. All officers must be on Discord and on police channels when they are on duty. Failing to do this may result in your demotion of the police force and you may be even removed. This is depending on the severity of the situation and it is under admin's discretion.

Cops are encouraged to setup checkpoints in strategic areas to help combat illegal activity and promote safety on the road.
1. A checkpoint must consist of 3 or more officers, utilizing 2 or more vehicles. An ATV does not count as one of the required vehicles, but may still be used.
2. There ,must be a Corporal+ supervising the checkpoint at all times.
2. A checkpoint can not be setup within 500m of an illegal area. Basically, you cannot set one up on top of an illegal area.
3. Checkpoints may only be setup on roads, but it does not have to be on a crossroad.
4. Checkpoints do not have to be marked on the map.

Proper Checkpoint Procedure:
             1. Have the driver stop the vehicle at a safe distance and turn off the engine.
             2. Ask the driver and any passengers if they have any weapons.
             3. Ask the driver and any passengers to exit the vehicle. If they have weapons, do not                  immediately restrain them when they get out, tell them to lower their weapons and given them a reasonable amount of time to do so.
             4. Ask them where they are headed to and from.
             5. Ask if they will submit to a search.
             6. If they allow a search, you may restrain them and search them.
             7. If they do not submit to a search, you must let them go, unless there is probable cause.
             8. After the search is done, you may allow them to re-enter their vehicle and drive away.
             9. In case anything illegal is found, the person may be ticketed or arrested depending on the crime.

1. Vehicles in the parking lot, or are reasonably parked elsewhere should be left alone.
2. Vehicles that look abandoned, broken, with no driver, can be impounded.
3. Boats should be parked reasonably on shore.
4. Any vehicle that hasn't moved in a significant amount of time may be impounded. This includes vehicles in the parking lot.
5. Impounding is an essential job for a cop, it helps keep the server clean and less laggy.
6. If in doubt, always search the vehicle and message the owner(s) before impounding.
7. Police speedboats or Armed Off roads may be used to assist in apprehending criminals. The weapon should be used to disable vehicles, not to blow them up.
8. Any heavily armed vehicle (Hunter HMG, Hunter GMG, Ghosthawk, etc.) may only be used when the city is at war or when another armed vehicle is being utilized by a group of rebels.

​The following speeds are to be enforced by the Lakeside Police for the absolute safety of the citizens of Lakeside Valley and all travelling beyond the city.
Inside major cities:
Outside major cities:

"City Protocol"
1. Officers may patrol major cities, highways, minor cities, and the airfield.
2. Officers may stop by the car shop to make sure there are no cars that need to be impounded.
3. Officers may enter the town in a large number should a rebellious act occur. After the area is clear, they need to leave the town again.
4. Martial law may not be declared at any time unless authorized by a Senior Admin+.
5. The Police HQ buildings are illegal for civilians to enter without authorization, however it is NOT illegal for civilians to be nearby unless they are causing a nuisance.
6. If x item is not available on the shop then you are not allowed to use it. You aren't allowed to use any civilian equipment or higher up gear at any time.

"Arresting and Ticketing"
Arresting should be done to criminals who are considered a danger to themselves or others.
1. You may not arrest someone if you have given them a ticket and they paid it.
2. You must tell the suspect why they are being arrested before you arrest them.
3. If a civilian is wanted, you may arrest them. Do not kill them, unless the situation falls under the 'Use of Lethal Force' section.
Ticketing a civilian is considered a warning for the civilian. If they break a law, but do not pose a threat to anyone, you may ticket a civilian.
1. Tickets must be a reasonable price.
2. Ticket prices should be based off of the crimes committed.
3. Refusal to pay a legit ticket is grounds for arrest.
4. Giving a civilian and illegitimate ticket, such as $100k for speeding, etc., is not allowed and will result in your removal from the police department.
5. Tickets may not exceed 50k. If it does the person must be submitted to jail time.
A complete list of all crimes and the appropriate punishments should be given to officers during training. If in doubt, or if you have not been trained, ask a higher ranking officer what to do.

"​Miranda Rights"
Miranda Rights are the following"
You have the right to remain in silent, anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law.
1. You only need to read the rights when you are sending someone to jail.
2. If you don't read the rights the suspect will be let go.
3. You must read the rights before you send them to jail.

"New Life Rule"
1. You are allowed to return to your last death location after 10 minutes.
2. You are allowed to return to firefights if officers call for backup.
3. None of this rules apply for cops when there is a ratio of 1 to 7 civilians.
4. Officers may not return to a Federal Reserve Robbery after killed. However they may look around for the criminals if they manage to escape.
5. Officers who die en route to the Federal Reserve may return as long as they dont make it to the Federal Reserve Zone.

"Martial Law"
1. Martial Law must be authorized by a Senior Admin+
2. Any armed civilians may be shot with deadly force.
3. Any unarmed civilians may be asked to return to their houses, leave the city or be taken into PD.
4.  Offroad 50. cal may be used on this situation at all times if no armed vehicles are on scene.

"Armed Vehicles​"
1. Police armed vehicles must only be used when there is an explosive weapon on use, or another amed vehicle on the area.
2. Armed vehicle use must be authorized by the highest ranking online.
3. An Ass. Chief+ may authorize the use of armed vehicles at any time or circunstance.
4. Offroad only requires authorization from a Lieuternaunt+ to be used on any situation.
5. Armed offroads may be utilized to patrol outside of the cities.
6. Armed offroads may not be taken into cities during standard patrol.

Cops and civilians may not return to previous major crime situations regardless of the NLR timer.
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