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Staff Rules Empty Staff Rules

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:27 pm
"General controls"
F1 - Admin Menu

Only give out comp when people are RDMed, VDMed, or they have video proof of what occurred.
As staff you are not able to give out more than $750,000 to anyone unless you have authorization from your Senior Admin+
In order to give compensations to people they must have evidence of the gear that they lost. If some gear isn't shown in the evidence provided you may not give them comp.
Any staff member may decline a compensation request due to lack of evidence or evidence seems altered.

"Staff Standards"
1. Staff must remain respectful and professional at all times.
2. Staff must not have a favoritism for their friends, giving them access to special tools or priority over other members of the community.
3. While being on the server you must be on teamspeak or discord at all times.
‚Äč4. Staff must have a good perception while dealing with SITs.
5. Be active on the forums daily for any news of rules being added or things being changed.
6. Failure to being active on the server may result in your demotion or removal from the staff team.
7. You may not be a staff member on other community.
8. You must be cooperative with other staff members.
9. You must be able to control yourself when dealing with players.
10. Staff must have knowledge of all rules.
11. Staff may not interrupt a role play situation, unless it is a high priority issue.
12. Staff must follow all rules at all times.
13. Staff must utilize their common sense.
14. Staff members may not be part of a gang with a higher number of 30 people.
15. If you require something from a higher staff ranking go to the next highest rank. Don't skip straight to Community Manager.
16. Staff are not allowed to handle their own situations at any time.

"Staff Strike Systems"
Strike System consists on a three strike basis.
You will receive strikes if you have abused your powers or if you are not following the server rules.
Only Head Admins+ may handle the strike system.
1st Strike: It will be documented on the database. You may be demoted depending on the severity of the problem.
2nd Strike: Possible demotion from the staff team. You may be kicked out of staff depending on the severity of the problem.
3rd Strike: Demotion and possible termination from the staff team.
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